Toscana / N/A / Small rustico with sea view

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    • Small rustico with sea view

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      • 1 Parking
      • Seaview

      The small Rustico lies above Pietrasanta, steep hills with olives. To the Rustico belong about 5000 square meters of it, about 350 trees, which lie on century-old stone terraces. To Rustico lead two ways - once on foot from below about 300m long natural stone staircase - a path that was created about 300 years ago and was then used by the inhabitants of the village at the top. Second is from the top, with a smaller car like Panda to the front of the house. The path is cemented and paved. Rustico built around 1939, 2 levels, not connected, one room per floor. Completely in need of renovation.

      • Region Toscana
      • Type House
      • Condition Ruin
      • Plot5000 m2
      • Interior40 m2
      • Location Isolated
      • Destinations N/A
      • Seaview
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