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2020-09-28 09:38 AM
Villa in Tuscany: Inland or Coastal?

What do you like more -Tuscany on sea or Tuscany hinterland? or both?

2020-09-25 17:02 PM
Latin lover - still living in Italy? Enjoy your holiday in Italy.

Gianna Nannini was singing about him in the 80´and we all of us were dreaming about - do he exist?

2020-09-25 07:03 AM

Former wetlands are now protected. Only the province of Grosseto has 13 nature reserves. What else can be found in the Maremma - further in the text.

2020-09-08 03:44 AM

Easter in Italy

2020-09-08 02:34 AM
Dante and Lunigiana

What was doing Dante in Lunigiana -and why?

2020-09-07 06:43 AM
Tuscany in Winter

We all of us know Tuscany in Summer -but in Winter?

2020-09-07 06:02 AM
Why Italy?

Why do we love Italy - some idea.

2020-08-29 01:00 AM
Principato di Seborga.

Last princess in Italy

2020-08-28 00:16 AM

History and sights (worth knowing) on the edge of Tuscany and Liguria. Excavations and a museum for those interested.

2020-08-15 06:44 AM
Marble and Art - Workshop Barsanti

You can try in a workshop to be a second Michelangelo and if not, to have great time to learn, how it works.